CSL Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd was founded on 1997 with a bunch of energetic interior designers and civil engineer who are keen to make our living environment a better habitat of human being. The company starts to produce green building materials since year 2000.

The factory at Kampung Jawa, the border of Shah Alam and Klang, next to KESAS highway, is the Malaysia's largest manufacturer of precast lightweight concrete products ranging from EKO-Block wall solution, architrave, to hard landscaping for gardening.CSL is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certified company with strong innovative profile. CSL being the Malaysia SMECorp 1-Innocert AAA award winner on 2012, has never stop its effort in research and development of green building materials, in hoping that one that every building in the world is green building. "Build Green, the Future is Now!"

Conventional vs Polystyrene vs LRC
  • Resource Burden:
  • It uses a lot of sand to produce conventional concrete

  • Slow Production:
  • The production process is slow as water vaporation takes time

  • Heavy Weight:
  • Heavy building material needs extra supports

  • Low Biodegradability:
  • Polystyrene concrete is man-made waste that is hard to handle

  • Cancer Impact:
  • Burning of Polystyrene will produce toxic gas that is bad for health

  • Low Strength:
  • Polystyrene can be unstable and dangerous for residence

  • Resource Recycle:
  • LRC recycles man-made waste into building material

  • Fast Re-production:
  • LRC can be produced 30 times faster than conventional concrete

  • High Density:
  • LRC is engineered for sustainability building, proven safe for residence.


Green Product

  • Recycle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable


  • Low Earth Burden
  • High Mobility
  • Easy-Installation

Speedy Production Cycle

  • Reduce Time
  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Resources

Strength and Safety Product

  • ISO Certified
  • Fire Resistance
  • Long Life Span

Malaysia Technology

  • Green Entreprenuer
  • Earn GBI Rating
  • Earn Carbon Credit


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