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CSL Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd. (CSL) is a manufacturer of precast Lightweight Reinforced Concrete (LRC) for Sustainability Architectural Green product and wall solution product. It is a new generation of lightweight concrete product made from environmental friendly material for building industry today.

LRC product is the first SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURAL GREEN PRODUCT in Malaysia. In year 2009, LRC product is endorsed by the “Green Label” from Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for Green Labeling Scheme (SGLS) certification as environment-friendly products that also recognized by international Global Eco-Labeling Network (GEN), CIDB (IBS) & SIRIM (Product Certification).

LRC product is uses a “Green Technology” production process in making all the decorative pre-cast Architrave elements and Block wall for building industry. The research and develop of pre-cast LRC product signify a new generation of lightweight concrete product made from “RECYCLE” materials for the building façade and wall solution.

With LRC products, the effectiveness not only in LIGHT WEIGHT, RELIABLE, but the main factor is COST SAVING. (Login:www.lrc.com.my)

EKO-BLOCK was design and develops by CSL Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, is a pioneer to exfoliate pre-cast Lightweight Reinforced Concrete (LRC) for Sustainability Green product. It is a new generation of lightweight concrete product made from environmental friendly material for building industry today.

EKO-BLOCK is made using combines the extensive knowledge of sustainable “Green” product with advanced process engineering skills on the mould design to produce various size block. It is content more than 20% recycled material or environmental friendly material.

The EKO-BLOCK comes with outstanding specification, as well as design mix. Its specification has met the maximum safety standards that has long reliable life cycle proven by SIRIM.

EKO-BLOCK product mainly recommended for wall finish is engineered to resolve problem such as fire resistant, thermal insulation, sound insulation, water resistant, termite damage and exposure to toxic chemical from formaldehyde. It can be easily installed and finished by typical wall finish. EKO-BLOCK is suitable for Commercial & Residential building, especially for IBS or Green Building design to score points. EKO-BLOCK is the greenest building wall solution that originated by Malaysia!


We aim to provide superior customer service and satisfaction on climate change by collaborating with people, industries and governments to encourage customer needs through a culture of excellence to enhance shareholders’ value. At the same time, to create lasting impact and achieve sustainable urbanization.

  • Conserving biodiversity in the urban environment.
  • Setting new sustainability standard for urban development.
  • Leading green lifestyles, educating and empowering communities.


  • To achieve Best-In-Class sustainable city development in Malaysia and region.
  • Achieving Quality Safety and Environment Friendly product.
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction & Maintaining Customer Loyalty.
  • Improving Cost Efficiency and Productivity

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LRC INSIDE has been one of the most active members of the Global Green Communities.

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